YOW! Connected is a two day Conference exploring the world of Internet of Things (IoT)

YOW! Connected is about developing and deploying IoT applications. The Internet of Things is a pervasive technology which enables unique end-to-end applications in almost every vertical market. These applications require clever end-to-end systems engineering from the sensors, communications, and server backends as well as data analytics, machine learning and visualization. YOW! Connected is a technical conference focused on IoT applications with sessions dedicated to specific industry verticals. It is a place for IoT product designers, architects, developers and data engineers to network and learn from others while sharing their experience.

 glyphicons_083_random   When Everything is Connected 

 World class experts and authors present technically rich talks on the Internet of Things.


Thanks to all those who participated in YOW! Connected in 2017. The event was a fantastic success; photos are available here