Cam Smith


Senior Consultant at DiUS…

I’m a software developer and consultant with over 15 years experience in the technology industry, including the last decade as a technical and delivery lead. I’m a generalist in every sense, and work in all project situations, from R&D and fields of green through to legacy rehabilitation and project rescue.

I’m passionate about computing at the extremes, and the combination and juxtaposition of low power, connected devices with hulking, autonomous cloud rigs. It’s a thing I call Tiny Huge Computing, and I love the idea that any developer can improve their chops by becoming accustomed to the all the different idioms of scale, from metal to massive.

YOW! Connected 2014 Melbourne

When C is too slow: Re-discovering the computer


Unless you operate at the truly big end of the web, the economics and market pressures of modern application development are all skewed toward developer productivity. Go faster, ship sooner. In this world of financial sympathy, we lose touch with the very thing that brought us here in the first place: the computer.

Don’t settle for the monoculture of mechanical hostility. We can all be better, wiser developers by re-learning the forgotten idioms of the hardware; clock cycles and CPU instructions, registers and the stack.

In this presentation you’ll see how nothing more than a few strips of LEDs is enough to render all your higher level languages useless, and how a developer who thought he understood computers found that he didn’t really understand them at all…