Cesare Rocchi


Speaker, writer, UX designer and developer

Cesare Rocchi is a speaker, writer, UX designer and developer specializing in web and mobile applications. He began working on interactive applications while he was a researcher in the academia. He runs a Studio Magnolia, an interactive studio that creates compelling web and mobile applications. When off duty he enjoys snowboard and beach tennis.

YOW! Connected 2014 Melbourne

The new WebKit is awesome!


Finally! That’s the best way to welcome the announcement of the new WebKit in iOS8. Since the first version of iOS web developers have been struggling with the scarce possibilities of UIWebView. “It’s not like Safari” was a common complaint. That time is now over and your wishes have come true. In this presentation we will learn about the many new possibilities enabled by the new WebKit framework. In particular we will focus on the bridge between native code and web content.