Jon Manning


iOS Development Trainer & Writer, author of numerous iOS books

Jon Manning is a co-founder of Secret Lab, where he makes games and does research. He has an actual PhD about jerks on the internet, has written about a dozen technical books for O’Reilly Media, and wrote two games for ABC’s Play School and one for Qantas. He’s currently working on Button Squid, a top-down puzzler for iOS, and is fond of making cool tools for rad devs.


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How to build games for children


In this session, I will summarise what we think makes a good children’s app from both a design and a technical perspective, with examples from our own work and others. Attendees will come away with a set of solid dos and don’ts for building mobile games for children.

What gestures are good in children’s games? Does load time matter? Why shouldn’t you include ‘trash can’ imagery? Is there a right way to do in-app purchases in kids games?

Building iOS apps for IoT devices: a case study of the Holiday by MooresCloud


Connected devices that support ‘hackable’ software development are becoming increasingly common: the Lifx, the Holiday by MooresCloud, Philips Hue, and so on.

This talk will explore the development of a number of iOS apps built for the Holiday by MooresCloud, including a device discovery app and a musical visualiser. The talk will summarise the best practices for developing IoT-related apps for iOS, how to talk to such devices in a reliable and network-friendly way, and best practices for UX and interaction with IoT devices.

We’ll showcase our past work, demonstrate what we’re working on now, and present a number of demonstrations of our approach to building mobile software for IoT devices.