Luke Toop


iOS Developer at

Luke Toop is an iOS developer at, where he has spent almost two years executing Tyrone’s devious plans. Luke started creating OSX real-time video applications for businesses in 2006 and switched to iOS development in 2008. He has worked on a range of applications both inside and outside the App Store, the most exciting of which was Adelaide startup MenuPad.

Luke loves Lisp, and hopes the functional programming facilities in Swift will introduce more professional programmers to this paradigm.

YOW! Connected 2014 Melbourne

Integrating Swift and iOS8 in existing applications


WWDC 14 has been called the most important WWDC since the announcement of the original SDK in 2008. Apple announced a new language, additions to the APIs available, and structural changes to iOS codebases. This presents a set of challenges to codebases of substantial size which were structured according to best practices in previous versions of iOS. If you must maintain a legacy application with backwards compatibility, what improvements are available to you and which are dead ends?

The situation is still in flux. We intend this talk to clarify the situation for developers and project managers so that they know what is easy, difficult or impossible when transitioning legacy projects to Swift and iOS8