Michael Gianarakis


Practice Manager at Securus Global

Michael Gianarakis is Practice Manager Securus Global in Melbourne, Australia. He specialises in mobile application security research. His work has assisted developers and organisations across most industry sectors secure their new and emerging mobile applications and platforms. Michael has presented his research at numerous industry events including OWASP and Ruxcon in Australia.

YOW! Connected 2014 Melbourne

Developing Secure iOS Applications


This talk will provide attendees with practical advice for securing iOS applications against the vulnerabilities that are most prevalent on the iOS platform.

The presentation will draw from the security assessments and code reviews I have performed for clients ranging from large financial institutions and government organisations to small development houses.

It is aimed at anyone interested in designing and developing secure iOS applications and will cover key security controls to mitigate iOS application security risks. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the risk profile of iOS applications
  • Storing data securely
  • Managing sensitive data leakage
  • Implementing effective transport security
  • Developing robust and secure authentication mechanisms
  • Implementing secure and robust runtime security checks