Patrick Catanzariti


Freelance Web Developer & Founder of Dev Diner

Patrick “PatCat” Catanzariti is the founder of Dev Diner, a site helping developers navigate the world of emerging tech with a weekly newsletter, interviews with industry pioneers, opinion pieces and guides for various technologies. He is a SitePoint editor for the HTML/CSS Channel and for emerging tech coverage on the site such as the Internet of Things, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, artificial intelligence and more. He is also an instructor at SitePoint Premium and O’Reilly, a Meta Pioneer and a freelance web developer who clearly loves every opportunity to tinker with something new in a tech demo.

PatCat is always happy to help newcomers get started in the industry and believes that the key to entering this new era of emerging technologies successfully is to have as many developers entering the field and sharing their knowledge and experience together. If you have any questions around emerging tech, PatCat is your guy.

YOW! Connected 2014 Melbourne

Stepping into the IoT world with JavaScript


Web developers across the globe have been empowering the web with JavaScript applications for years and have been taking the scripting language to new heights above and beyond its original implementations. Through the power of JavaScript APIs, frameworks and open web APIs, JavaScript developers can expand their existing skill set to empower devices and technology poised to enter the homes and attire of the future. In this presentation, I’ll provide an overview of how JavaScript developers can get involved with technology such as Ninja Blocks, Arduinos, the Leap Motion, Android (via on{X}), the Pebble Watch and more. It will provide an overview of the Internet of Things ecosystem from the perspective of the JavaScript development community.

My presentation will begin with an overview of technology that can use JavaScript in one way or another, whether as its primary form of scripting or as a supporting technology bringing further capabilities to the device. I’ll be covering technology such as Ninja Blocks, Arduinos, the Leap Motion, Android (via on{X}), the Pebble Watch, Google Glass (via Wearscript), Oculus Rift (via vr.js), Raspberry Pi, awe.js, Tessel, Espruino and the Myo armband.