Sharim Chua


Software Developer at

Sharim considers himself a tinkerer and technology enthusiast. He loves shiny gadgets emblazoned with half eaten fruit and has been developing mobile apps for the past three years. A self confessed jack of all trades, he has spent over a decade experimenting with everything from .NET to Scala. He now works at developing apps and services to help customers discover great ways to travel.

YOW! Connected 2014 Melbourne

Rapidly consuming your APIs with code generation and Swagger – a example

CASE STUDY –  VIEW SLIDES has embarked on a journey to unify its experience across the travel planning process. An essential part of this included the ability to make the crucial parts of its services discoverable and quickly consumable. With a combination of state-of-art technologies and leveraging the concepts of Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State (HATEOAS) we have simplified the process of consuming our content and inventory. We have achieved this across all our user touching platforms from our website to native iOS and Android applications. We would love to share this journey with you.