Greg Skinner


Developer at ThoughtWorks

Greg is a designer at ThoughtWorks. He’s worked with clients in a variety of sectors and contributes to the Melbourne UX scene. He’s passionate about all things design and spent time working in Architecture before adapting his experience to digital.

YOW! Connected 2015 Melbourne

Meet Me Halfway: Developers and Designers Pairing for the Win


The Agile Manifesto makes little mention of anyone except developers pairing with each other, which we feel is a missed trick.

The idea is that designers and developers should work more closely. Share desk space, war stories, and insight into customers and technology. From better mutual understanding comes better results.

We will use a live pairing demo to show just how valuable designer and developer pairing can be.

We’ll use examples to cover off pairing developers with designers: from understanding of the customer to the opportunities presented by the technology, and why it’s so relevant in out IoT, mobile and multi-touchpoint society