Jason Corbett


Senior Software Engineer at Expedia

Jason Corbett is what some may call a “Full-Stack Designer” with a strong passion for creating outstanding user experiences. An advocate for lean techniques in UX and development, he is also interested in everything that goes into the lifecycle of building a fantastic product for the web.

Currently, Jason is working on a variety of customer facing and internal applications.

YOW! Connected 2015 Melbourne

Perceived Instant Mobile Web Experience


Fast site speed is essential for a good user experience, and can ultimately drive more traffic and increase conversion to your web site. This is especially important on mobile devices where slow network speeds can make an ordinarily slow site glacial. Usability studies have shown that response times over 1 second make the user feel like they’re waiting. At Expedia, we have been focusing on achieving a Perceived Instant experience for our users. We will present a case study where we achieved a Google Page Speed Insight score of 92 on mobile devices for our SEO pages, and the impact this has had on our perceived load times and traffic.