Jean-Étienne Parrot


Software Engineer at Outware Mobile

Jean-Étienne is a Mobile Software Engineer with an interest for both graphic and software design. He enjoys learning new languages and land travels. He is currently working as a Tech Lead at Outware Mobile where he develops for iOS during the day and dreams of better developer tooling at night.

YOW! Connected 2015 Melbourne

Clean Architecture on iOS: Real Life VIPER


A clean architecture makes your project more maintainable, the intent of your code clearer and helps you achieve a higher test coverage. When we first read about VIPER we were interested in its normative approach and how it could give a strong structure to our projects. After using VIPER for 8 months with more than 10 developers on an enterprise iOS app, we can share how it helped us achieve our goals and what didn’t work so well.

This talk will give you a short introduction to VIPER, explain its benefits and limitations, and present what we gained as a team and what I learned as an individual.