Mark Pedersen


CTO at KJR, Chair of Australian Software Quality Forum

Dr Mark Pedersen is the CTO at KJR, a leading Australian software quality consultancy. Mark started his IT career in the Software Verification Research Centre at the University of Queensland in 1994, and joined KJR in 1998. He has been involved in testing a wide variety of financial and mission-critical software systems, as well as developing and delivering a wide range of professional training courses for the software quality industry. As the CTO, Mark works closely with both technical and business stakeholders in order to deliver the best of emerging software quality techniques and technologies in a practical business environment, with a particular interest in agile approaches to software quality. He is actively engaged in the broader software quality community as the chair of the Australian Software Quality Forum and the iQnite software quality conference.

YOW! Connected 2015 Melbourne

Building Mobile App Test Automation into a Cloud-based Continuous Integration & Deployment Pipeline


This presentation will provide a grass-roots view of how the mobile app development team at a national media organisation have been building Automated Mobile Application Tests into their Continuous Integration & Deployment Pipeline. Using Appium as the basis for cross-platform test automation, the team has established a workflow that allows them to develop and maintain automated tests within their agile development process and have those tests running nightly against real devices hosted in the cloud. Attendees will gain an insight into the benefits and the potential pitfalls of developing a robust cross-platform mobile app test automation workflow, with a particular focus on keeping the test automation effort lean in order to support the end goal of delivering better quality apps faster.

The session will be structured as a case study, looking first at the practical problems the team faced with limited test automation for their mobile apps and the need to remove execution bottlenecks; followed by the steps taken to solve this challenge. Specifically, the presentation will demonstrate how the team utilised a combination of Cucumber-style acceptance test specifications and keyword-driven test specifications together with a Java-based cross-platform mobile app test automation framework. Using the Appium test automation platform, Test execution can be conducted locally or in a remote mobile device cloud. Technical challenges will be covered, specifically in the process of building robust cross-platform tests, and establishing a reliable cloud-based execution environment. The case study will conclude with an analysis of practical benefits in terms of increased team velocity, faster delivery times, and increased confidence to innovate.

A key aspect of the case study will be the importance of fitting the technical solution and the team culture together to keep the focus on improving the overall productivity of the team, rather than being distracted by test automation as a goal in itself.