Nigel Dalton


Godfather of Agile in Australia, CIO of REA Group

Nigel Dalton is Chief Information Officer at the REA Group in Melbourne, and a veteran agile evangelist with over 14 years of experience applying agile principles to IT and product development in the USA, Australia and NZ. Nigel was also the co-founder of Luna Tractor, an Australian business consultancy taking agile, lean and systems thinking beyond software development to all areas of business and organisations. Luna Tractor leveraged the experience gained in the transformation of Lonely Planet between 2007 and 2011, with over 20 teams running variants of agile, kanban and lean methods to support their aim to make amazing guides in all formats for customers.

At REA-Group Nigel takes a strong interest in broad application of lean, agile and systems thinking approaches around the workplace.

His greatest career regret is having once tried to apply agile techniques to a rock and roll band. The result was not pretty.

YOW! Connected 2015 Melbourne

READY DEVELOPER 1: Lessons from making Virtual Reality Work for Business


Are you ready? Here are some lessons we have learnt making virtual reality work at in no particular order:

  • Nobody can describe what VR actually is
  • VR is a bit yuck
  • Everything you’ve learned about UI is now probably useless
  • The psychological effects are unknown
  • Hardware sucks. And so does software
  • Google will probably win
  • Everyone who saw Lawnmover Man in 1992 is a frickin expert
  • If you can buy it in Kmart, it’s probably not a revolution
  • You can now tell your Mum all those hours on Quake 3D are totally paying off
  • Science fiction tells us the long term prospects are grim
  • Not sure people will ever be convinced to wear things on their heads