Zoran Angelovski


Senior Consultant at DiUS

I have been involved in development environments for 20+ years starting off with getting my hands dirty in hardware then moving to system level design in the telco space. More recently I have managed the development and deployment of electric vehicle chargers, smart energy gadgets and meshed radio based IoT systems. Throughout my career I have been involved in some wild rides and technology waves. I have worked with startups from the U.S. in the early days of broadband and was part of a local tech team implementing what has turned out to be core telecommunications products for broadband systems in Australia, followed by product management of PON (Passive Optical Network) equipment connecting hoes to fibre for initiatives like the NBN. The current wave I am enjoying is working on Smart Energy and IoT products and systems with DiUS.

YOW! Connected 2015 Melbourne

How To Build Hardware ‘Lean’


Experimentation with software is easy, quick, and cheap, and it has been used with great effect to try out product ideas and test the feasibility of businesses. Now it is easier than ever before to apply experimentation with hardware as well, to create application-specific devices using inexpensive, open-source modules, and strong community support.