Gareth Jones


Senior Developer at Shine Technologies

Gareth has been writing code for a long time, some of it even works. Just under 20 years ago people started paying him to do it, and they’ve yet to realise their mistake. If they ever catch up to him they’re not getting the money back, as he has blown the lot on alcohol and his extensive My Little Pony collection. He secretly hopes that nobody ever reads speaker bios.

YOW! Connected 2016 Melbourne

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): What has the Web ever Done for Us?


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) bring us a step closer to not needing to develop native mobile apps. They bring with them some benefits and some drawbacks. This talk will give developers (whether they are web or native, mobile or desktop) an insight into the problems that PWAs can solve, how you go about building them, and some ways to decide if they are right for your project.