Luke Sleeman


Freelance Android developer

Luke Sleeman is a freelance Android developer, based in Melbourne Australia. Luke develops great apps for digital agencies, tiny startups, global brands and everything in between. Luke also regularly speaks on Android and Mobile development.

YOW! Connected 2016 Melbourne

Was It Frag-ment To Be?


The Fragment API forms one of the core components google has provided to build Android apps. Despite the key role it is meant to play, many people find Fragments hard to use, prone to bugs and frustrating. We will pose the question – do we actually need Fragments? Are they worth the trouble? We will review some of the common problems with the Fragment API and look at why Fragments are so prone to issues. We will also survey some alternative approaches to using Fragments look at what solutions provided by the community and review best practices. Finally will also look at what advice Google has provided and how they are improving fragments.

Tensor What? AI and mobile


AI and mobile are are great combination. Over the past few years we seen an explosion of AI related mobile technology: Siri, Google now, Image recognition, Auto e-mail replies and voice recognition. We will conduct a high level, broad overview of the AI field, looking at some of the recent breakthroughs on mobile and the technologies behind them. We will also look at the Google TensorFlow library in more detail explaining what it is exploring some of the models that have been built using TensorFlow. Finally we will look at how TensorFlow can be used to enhance your own mobile apps, providing examples of both running TensorFlow directly on a mobile and on a server to provide a web services. This will include a live demo of my phone using TensorFlow to recognise a banana!