Manuel Chakravarty


Lambda Scientist

Manuel M T Chakravarty is an Associate Professor at UNSW Australia and the indie developer behind the interactive development environment Haskell for Mac. His core research interests are functional programming, novel compiler technology, and high-performance computing. He contributed to both the design and implementation of the Haskell programming language as well as several Haskell tools and open source libraries, including multiple systems for data parallel programming of multicore CPUs and GPUs. Over the last two years, he has focused on making functional programming more broadly accessible and on exploring its role in app development in Swift. Most importantly, he believes in the fruitful combination of theory and practice.

YOW! Connected 2016 Melbourne

A Type is Worth a Thousand Tests


One of the biggest changes in the transition from Objective-C to Swift is the new type system. This change is at the heart of Swift’s language design, from optionals over value types to constrained generics, and to truly understand the language, a thorough understanding of its type system is indispensable.

In this talk, I will explain the advantages of Swift’s strong commitment to a sophisticated type system. I will illustrate the impact on language and program design through a series of examples, drawn from my experience of developing one of the first Swift-based applications published in the Mac App Store and illustrated by walking through key design issues in a simple iOS app. I will discuss why type-driven design benefits from functional programming principles, and also, how it allows us to write less tests without a loss of confidence in our code.