Mitchell Tilbrook


Lead Developer at Seatfrog

Mitchell Tilbrook is a polyglot developer currently focused on Android development at Seatfrog in Sydney. Mitchell has developed mobile apps for both native iOS, Android, Xamarin, and React. Mithcell is an organizer for the F# and Xamarin meetups; he also does the recording and editing for Android, React Native, Alt.NET and other local meetups. His favorite paradigm is functional.

YOW! Connected 2016 Melbourne

Realm The NoSQL Of Mobile


SQLite is the default database that most developers choose when creating a mobile application. SQLite is not without, its challenges. Threading, object mapping, transactions, and data change notifications. Some libraries can help manage these challenges. They often tend only to focus on the object mapping aspect. In this talk, I will introduce Realm, an alternative persistence engine to SQLite. Realm address the challenges often found in SQLite and brings a new method for storing and accessing data to the mobile landscape.