Sam Connelly


Product Risk Identifier at Tyro

Sam Connelly could be described as a motorbike riding, robotics obsessed, girl geek. She is a Test Engineer at Tyro Payments; she prefers ‘quality activist’, or even ‘product risk identifier’ as her title. She is a context driven tester on Tyro’s mobile banking app team and is also the Leader of Sydney Testers. Sam values the use of visual aids to communicate testing ideas and credits a technical background and a curious mind as being her major drivers in her pursuits.

She has previously hosted her own community radio show and started a Robogals chapter in Tasmania.

YOW! Connected 2016 Melbourne

How to Create Compelling Tests


How do you create compelling tests? In this talk, Sam Connelly will go through her risk based framework that she developed to help her team create UI automation tests that matter. This approach can also be used for manual testing, generating explorative testing ideas and communicating flows & risks to people outside of your team. We will cover:

  • break an app into flows
  • map flows to risk board
  • break a flow into a test
  • create quick and dirty automation testing

You will learn how to have a risk based approach towards your test coverage and learn how to use a whiteboard and sticky notes to communicate testing ideas.