Kotlin for Java developers


September 20
Svetlana Isakova
Developer Advocate at JetBrains
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The Kotlin programming language is developed by JetBrains and now is an officially-supported language for Android Development. This full-day workshop aims to share with you the power and the beauty of the language. We imply that you consider using Kotlin in your every-day work and want to feel more confident with the language first. We’ll have a basic overview of the language, as well as a discussion of some corner cases, especially concerning Java interoperability. The workshop is based on your Java experience; it shows the similarities between two languages and focuses on what’s going to be different.

We’ll cover:

* Basic syntax
* Nullability
* Object-oriented programming with Kotlin
* Functional programming with Kotlin
* Java interoperability
* Building DSLs

laptop with IntelliJ Idea or Android Studio installed (with the latest stable Kotlin plugin).


Svetlana is a Developer Advocate at JetBrains. She’s been a core developer of the Kotlin language kotlinlang.org, the new standard for Android, since 2011. She is a co-author of Kotlin in Action. She is also a frequent Kotlin speaker and instructor. Svetlana enjoys new concepts and ideas, and when possible skiing in the Alps.

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